Arnold Same (slickdick) wrote in nonaverage_mix,
Arnold Same

Just found this community totally by accident. Thought I'd join it and offer my list of recommendations...

Pulp: Glory Days
The Alarm: Father To Son
Love: You Set The Scene
Saint Etienne: You're In A Bad Way
Nick Drake: Poor Boy
David Bowie: Across The Universe
The Smiths: Is It Really So Strange?
Air: You Make It Easy
Suede: Chemistry Between Us
The Sugarcubes: Deus
Fiona Apple: Criminal
Manic Street Preachers: Gold Against The Soul
Kenickie: Punka
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds: The Witness Song
Pink Floyd: Remember A Day
Blur: Best Days
Kate Bush: Night Of The Swallow
Geneva: Killing Stars
The Cure: Push
The Clash: Clampdown

It was a challenge to keep down to 20... If it'll all fit on a cd I'll have to get a burner first anyway, and that is going to be soon. But hey, if there's anything anybody's not heard and wanna hear I can send it over msn or whatever.
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