samantha (space_jazz) wrote in nonaverage_mix,

Hello everyone,

This is Samantha, I'm new here. I can't say I'm completely anti-emo or anti-"cliche" indie music but viewing the endless tirade of emo/indie bands posted by hipster folks everywhere can get kinda old. I do try to be open-minded and not too "anti"-anything.

Anyways, i'm kind of stuck in a somewhat self-imposed musical rut. I don't go to a lot of shows anymore, and don't really listen to mainstream or college radio anymore either.

Lately i've been listening to mainly my Francoise Hardy mixes, M. Ward or Pinback.

Here's my most recent Francoise Hardy mix that I made,that i'm interested in trading:

1) le sais tu?
2) avant de t'en aller
3) suzanne
4) souvenirs
5) pas gentille
6) ca a rate
7) tout me ramene a toi
8) et meme
9) le maison ou j'ai grandi
10) nous etions amies
11) je changerais d'avis
12) le pour personne
13) tous les garcons et les filles
14) ill est tout pour moi
15) toi, je ne t'oublierai pas
16) non c'est pas
17) ce'est le passe
18) tu n'as qu'un mot à dire
19) on se plaît
20) qui aime-t-il vraiment
21) j'aurais voulu
22) ton meilleur ami
23) tout va bien
24) pourtant tu m'aimes
25) l'amour s'en va
26) pas toujours
27) le temps de l'amour
28) il est parti un jour
29) je pense a lui
30) ce petit coeur
31) j'suis d'accord
32) je t'aime

Francoise's recording career goes back to the early 1960s,so she has quite a repertoire of songs.

I guess i'm looking for a bit of monotonous variety.
Meaning does anyone have a band/artist mix that they can't stop listening to because their music is just that damn good?
ex: mix comprised of say, all Velvet Underground songs or all Bjork songs.
I'm open to whatever type of mix though. Even ones with various college hipster bands.
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