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two mixes

Last Saturday was the nicest day I have witnessed in quite a while. Sparkling sun on brand new 15-inch snow, and warm, happy feelings all around. I just had to make a mix to commemorate the day.

nice day mix:
kate bush - aerial tal
ani difranco - origami
mirah - pollen
tori amos - the power of orange knickers
regina spektor - us
rilo kiley - my slumbering heart
björk - it's in our hands
ani difranco - 32 flavors
cocorosie - terrible angels
ani difranco - this bouquet
tori amos - taxi ride
rilo kiley - more adventurous
frou frou - shh
tegan & sara - love type thing
rilo kiley - with arms outstretched
kate bush - an architect's dream
tori amos - sleeps with butterflies

Down the rabbit hole.
curiouser and curiouser:
hannah fury - the necklace of marie antoinette
blonde redhead - missile
cocteau twins - aikea-guinea
rasputina - gingerbread coffin
kate bush - the dreaming
björk - mouth's cradle
the birthday massacre - happy birthday
mazzy star - umbilical
tori amos - pandora's aquarium
björk - where is the line
blonde redhead - in particular
cocteau twins - cicely
kate bush - hello earth
rasputina - doomsday averted
cocorosie - by your side

I repeat artists a lot, don't I? Well, I suppose I prefer depth to breadth - I have 13 Ani DiFranco CDs, for example.
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