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Non-Emo/ Non-Indie Mixtape Community's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Non-Emo/ Non-Indie Mixtape Community

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[15 Dec 2006|09:28pm]

Just found this community totally by accident. Thought I'd join it and offer my list of recommendations...

Pulp: Glory Days
The Alarm: Father To Son
Love: You Set The Scene
Saint Etienne: You're In A Bad Way
Nick Drake: Poor Boy
David Bowie: Across The Universe
The Smiths: Is It Really So Strange?
Air: You Make It Easy
Suede: Chemistry Between Us
The Sugarcubes: Deus
Fiona Apple: Criminal
Manic Street Preachers: Gold Against The Soul
Kenickie: Punka
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds: The Witness Song
Pink Floyd: Remember A Day
Blur: Best Days
Kate Bush: Night Of The Swallow
Geneva: Killing Stars
The Cure: Push
The Clash: Clampdown

It was a challenge to keep down to 20... If it'll all fit on a cd I'll have to get a burner first anyway, and that is going to be soon. But hey, if there's anything anybody's not heard and wanna hear I can send it over msn or whatever.
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[02 Nov 2006|02:32am]

Hello everyone,

This is Samantha, I'm new here. I can't say I'm completely anti-emo or anti-"cliche" indie music but viewing the endless tirade of emo/indie bands posted by hipster folks everywhere can get kinda old. I do try to be open-minded and not too "anti"-anything.

Anyways, i'm kind of stuck in a somewhat self-imposed musical rut. I don't go to a lot of shows anymore, and don't really listen to mainstream or college radio anymore either.

Lately i've been listening to mainly my Francoise Hardy mixes, M. Ward or Pinback.

Here's my most recent Francoise Hardy mix that I made,that i'm interested in trading:

1) le sais tu?
2) avant de t'en aller
3) suzanne
4) souvenirs
5) pas gentille
6) ca a rate
7) tout me ramene a toi
8) et meme
9) le maison ou j'ai grandi
10) nous etions amies
11) je changerais d'avis
12) le pour personne
13) tous les garcons et les filles
14) ill est tout pour moi
15) toi, je ne t'oublierai pas
16) non c'est pas
17) ce'est le passe
18) tu n'as qu'un mot à dire
19) on se plaît
20) qui aime-t-il vraiment
21) j'aurais voulu
22) ton meilleur ami
23) tout va bien
24) pourtant tu m'aimes
25) l'amour s'en va
26) pas toujours
27) le temps de l'amour
28) il est parti un jour
29) je pense a lui
30) ce petit coeur
31) j'suis d'accord
32) je t'aime

Francoise's recording career goes back to the early 1960s,so she has quite a repertoire of songs.

I guess i'm looking for a bit of monotonous variety.
Meaning does anyone have a band/artist mix that they can't stop listening to because their music is just that damn good?
ex: mix comprised of say, all Velvet Underground songs or all Bjork songs.
I'm open to whatever type of mix though. Even ones with various college hipster bands.
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Smoov [14 Sep 2006|11:07pm]

1. Faint - Linkin Park
2. Run - Snow Patrol
3.Far Away - Nickelback
4.The Arrival - Atmosphere
5. Here (In Your Arms) - Hellogoodbye
6. Savin' Me - Nickelback
7. That Night - Atmosphere
8. Buttons - The Pussycat Dolls featuring Big Snoop Dogg
9. White Daisy Passing - Rocky Votolato
10. Attagirl - Bettie Serveert
11. This Is Everything - Tegan and Sarah
12. Oh, It Is Love - Hellogoodbye
13. Face the Music (Kascade Club Mix Edit) - Conjure One
14. Lips of an Angel - Hinder
15. Creeps Me Out - Ima Robot
16. Do It Alone - SUGARCULT
17. Tricycle - Psapp
18. Total Eclipse of the Heart - Tori Amos
19. Call Me When You're Sober - Evanescence
20. Suzie - Boy Kill Boy
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x-posted [11 Jun 2006|08:42pm]

Here are a few mixes I did just recently.

"Do The Sunday"
1 Deerhoof : Rainbow Silhouette of the Milky Rain
2 Fly Pan Am : Pas A Pas Step Until
3 Hangedup : Go Let's Go
4 Jason Forrest : Storming Blues Rock
5 Neutral Milk Hotel : Holland, 1945
6 The Apples in Stereo : Dots 1-2-3
7 Scott Walker : 30 Century Man
8 Beck : Where It's At
9 Focus : Having Your Fun
10 A Tribe Called Quest : Luck Of Lucien
11 This Kid named Miles : Slight Amnesia
12 Ice Cube : It Was a Good Day
13 Peanut Butter Worlf : Tale Of Five Cities
14 Busta Rhymes : There's Not a Problem My Squad Can't Fix
15 Notorious BIG : Juicy
16 J Dilla : Donuts (Intro)

1 DJ Frane : Boatman
2 Amon Tobin : 4 Ton Mantis [Bonobo Mix] [Mix]
3 Blueprint : Sacrifice
4 Blockhead : Long Walk Home
5 Xploding Plastix : More Powah to Yah
6 Diplo : Making It Hard
7 Books On Tape : Sad Song [Winter Version]
8 Daedelus : Chorus, Verse, Chorus
9 Madvillain : Accordion (Four Tet Remix)
10 The Dining Rooms : Giradischi E I Tuoi Dischi
11 M83 : America
12 Gang Gang Dance : God's Money II
13 Set Fire To Flames : There Is No Dance In Frequency And Balance
14 Bottleskup Flenkenkenmike : Pepsi Sunset In Monacoca-Cola
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Spring-ish mix. [26 Mar 2006|02:19pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

1) Hello. I'm new.
2) This is a spring mix I made for a friend:
Vashti Bunyan-Iris's Song (Version Two)
The Velvet Underground-Stephanie Says
Josephine Baker-C'est lui
CocoRosie-Haitian Love Songs
Des Ark-Some Are Love
Janet Klein-Russian Lullaby
Of Montreal-Neat Little Domestic Life
Os Mutantes-Rita Lee
Andrew Bird's Bowl of Fire-Gris-Gris
David Byrne-Independence Day
Lucienne Boyer-Estampe Marocaine
Mirah/Ginger Takahashi-The Knife Thrower
Mary Timony-Musik and the Charming Melodee

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x-posted [01 Mar 2006|07:27pm]

I Love...
(Disc One)

1. Feist - Tout Doucement
2. Broadcast - Accidentals
3. Broken Social Scene - Shampoo Suicide
4. Diplo - Into the Sun (feat. Martina Topley-Bird)
5. Josh Martinez - Rainy Day
6. from the K&D Sessions - Bug Powder Dust
7. Baby Mammoth - Mysterious Muses
8. Blockhead - Daylight (Bonus)
9. Herbert & Dani Siciliano - Going Around
10. David Holmes - Incite A Riot
11. U.N.K.L.E - Nursery Rhyme (W-Malone & J-Davis)
12. The Arcade Fire - No Cars Go
13. Chin Up Chin Up - Collide the Tide
14. A Silver Mt. Zion - Ring Them Bells (Freedom Has Come And Gone)

This is a two part mix. I made it for certain someone who is visiting Seattle right now. She'll receive it while she's there. I'm making a second disc titled "You" and that will be waiting for her when she gets back to Canada.
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two mixes [19 Dec 2005|08:04pm]

Last Saturday was the nicest day I have witnessed in quite a while. Sparkling sun on brand new 15-inch snow, and warm, happy feelings all around. I just had to make a mix to commemorate the day.

nice day mix:
kate bush - aerial tal
ani difranco - origami
mirah - pollen
tori amos - the power of orange knickers
regina spektor - us
rilo kiley - my slumbering heart
björk - it's in our hands
ani difranco - 32 flavors
cocorosie - terrible angels
ani difranco - this bouquet
tori amos - taxi ride
rilo kiley - more adventurous
frou frou - shh
tegan & sara - love type thing
rilo kiley - with arms outstretched
kate bush - an architect's dream
tori amos - sleeps with butterflies

Down the rabbit hole.
curiouser and curiouser:
hannah fury - the necklace of marie antoinette
blonde redhead - missile
cocteau twins - aikea-guinea
rasputina - gingerbread coffin
kate bush - the dreaming
björk - mouth's cradle
the birthday massacre - happy birthday
mazzy star - umbilical
tori amos - pandora's aquarium
björk - where is the line
blonde redhead - in particular
cocteau twins - cicely
kate bush - hello earth
rasputina - doomsday averted
cocorosie - by your side

I repeat artists a lot, don't I? Well, I suppose I prefer depth to breadth - I have 13 Ani DiFranco CDs, for example.
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